Canberra Carburettors

Canberra Carburettors Canberra Carburettors



All reconditioned carburettors are chemically cleaned with the flat castings faced, worn throttle shaft bores bushed and then reassembled with:

  • New Gaskets / Seals
  • Accelerator Pumps (Leather Buckets where available)
  • Needle & Seats
  • Jets (where required)
  • Discs and Shafts (where required)


We offer six month warranty on all of our carburettor re-conditioning work.


We have an extensive range of reconditioned carburettors for sale or new after market carburettors are available.


We have a comprehensive range of carburettor kits,shafts and component parts.


Exchange service available on some makes.

Canberra Carburettor Service Ph: (02) 6227 0702 Murrumbateman NSW 2582